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medieval long sword

This type of medieval sword with a longer grip, and a tapered blade with a strong spine and a short fuller, has a point of balance closer to the hilt

eastern viking seax

The eastern style grip makes this design one that would have been carried by the Rus (norsemen in what is now called "Russia"). Featuring a typical serpent engraving on the

short sword

This fine sword is an excellent example of a style reminiscent of the 13th through 15th centuries. The short blade is typical of riding swords worn by many knights. A

warrior prince

This fine sword is an excellent example of a prince's blade meant for practical use. The wide fullered blade and simple fittings are obviously meant for hard use and efficiency.

oakeshott type xviiia sword

With its long, tapering blade, heavy wheel pommel, and simple downturned crossguard, this sword is typical of single handed Oakeshott type XVIIIa sword. Slim and quick, it was designed to

german two handed sword

This massive sword is done in a 15th-16th century German Landsknecht style. Truly impressive in dimension, but not in weight, this is the kind of sword that was used

holmganga viking sword

Holmganga. Loosely translated as "going out to the island" it meant an ancient Viking honor duel. The two (or more) combatants would be brought out to a small sand

arbiter longsword

The Arbiter Longsword is a representation of an excellent 14th or 15th century longsword. Students of Sigmund Ringeck will find this perfectly suited to longsword techniques. Elegant, simple, graceful, and absolutely

riding sword

This Riding Sword was actually a custom piece that we made to a customer's specs and because we've had so many requests for it after other's have seen the

norman sword

Our Norman Medieval Sword is a classic design that could easily be found anytime from the 9th century up through the 15th century. The fullered blade is hand forged from

vindicator longsword

This simple utilitarian hand forged longsword would have been the constant companion of a professional soldier or very business minded noble. The guard is hand forged from 1020 mild steel

valiant sword

Our Valiant Sword is loosely based upon several originals that are datable to around 1250 A.D. Hand forged from high carbon steel this blade is light and well

protector longsword

The Protector is here, have no fear. This excellent example of an Oakeshott Type XVIa longsword is durable, well-balanced and fearsome in skilled hands. The hand forged blade has a

windblade longsword

This superbly balanced handmade sword is an excellent example of an Oakeshott Type XVIa longsword. Light with a point of balance about 3" in front of the guard, this

english medieval longsword

The English Medieval Longsword is based not on a specific sword but is rather in the style of 15th century longswords that could have easily been found being wielded

Handmade Medieval Swords

Our custom hand forged medieval swords are of the highest quality possible to provide you, our customers, with the best possible value. We aren't the least expensive. We don't cut corners. We won't use substandard materials. And we NEVER let a sword leave our shop unless we are totally satisfied that everything we can do has been done to ensure the greatest possible quality.

Real swords tested in live steel combat..

My brother and I have been live steel combat practitioners for 17 years (as of June 2010) and our studies and exhausting practical application has given us an understanding of the physics and dynamics of what makes a real sword (or other weapon) that many makers do not have. Our swords our crafted with a direct understanding of their usage garnered from many years of choreographed and reenacted sword fighting utilizing real swords in real time.

Finely crafted medieval swords that are well balanced..

These are not made to be indestructible "beaters". They have a harmonic balance and wield like original finely crafted medieval swords. They seem to live in the hand and beg for use. They are balanced for quick and skillful use.

Now lets make no romance about it, swords were designed for one purpose: to kill an opponent. Obviously that is not what we want you to do. Please don't go around knocking people off; limit your cutting to water-filled plastic bottles, tatami mats, carpet, small trees, and other non-living items appropriate to test cutting.

That being said, our swords are designed and crafted at every stage of their construction to satisfy this parameter.

Custom medieval swords made individually with careful attention to detail..

Our blades, guards, and pommels are hand forged in a coal-fired forge with a hand-cranked blower for air. No power hammers here folks; just a stocky bearded bugger with attitude and a hammer.

Every piece is made individually. Regardless of whether you order one of our "standard" models or a full house custom piece, you will be getting an individually hand forged custom sword made with careful attention to detail and precision.

Now Featuring Bldaes from Hanwei

Forged In Time is proud to announce a great deal for you, the customer. In order to maintain our high standard of quality and tremendous value, we are going to start using sword blades hand forged by one of the worlds most prestigious sword manufacturing firms, Hanwei, and designed by the masterful Michael "Tinker" Pearce. These top quality blades are made to Tinker's exacting specifications from 5160 high carbon spring steel and are marquenched to an edge hardness of 50 – 53 HRC, while the tang is drawn back to the lower 30s HRC for supreme toughness and durability. After a thorough and brutal testing period we have every confidence in the quality of the Hanwei/Tinker blades.

After we receive the blades we sharpen and polish them to a beautiful fine satin finish and hairsplitting edge. Then they are mounted into our own hand forged hilt components and hot peened for a permanent and tight fit. The end result is a top quality sword as you have come to expect from Forged In Time but at a considerable savings, and everybody wants top value for their hard-earned money.

Benjamin Rial will still hand forge custom swords on request.