handmade swords, handmade knives, handmade daggers

hand forged fork

Any common hog can slam his face down into a plateful of food and chew away; the unrefined can eat with their hands after scratching who knows where; BUT the

flint and steel

When the chips are down and your lighter runs dry or your matches are wet, where do you turn? Our hand forged high carbon steel striker and piece of flint

s hook

Here they are folks. For historical reenactors and modern campers alike. "S" hooks! Dozens of uses, you can never seem to keep enough around. These "s" hooks are hand forged

belt buckle

This hand forged handmade belt buckle is made from 1040 mild steel. It is twisted and curled for extra panache. It is made to accept belts from 1 3/4" wide

medieval eating pick

Historically, eating forks actually date back quite far, much farther than most people realize. However their use through much of history has been limited to the upper classes and theirs

Handmade Reenactor Gear