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combat knife

Your search for a top-notch combat knife is over. Hand-forged 1095, ATS-34, or D2 steel is thirsty for the hardest combat you'll face. One-and-a-half inches of efficient serrations will actually

medieval daily knife

Based on a variety of actual medieval designs, this versatile knife was meant to be carried and used thoughout the day for eating, utility tasks and even self-defense in a

northwoods guide

Simplicity and function are fused in one for an indispensable companion. This exceptional hunting blade will serve you for a lifetime and still beg for more. Hand-forged high-performance quality.


This modernized kukri is based on the national knife of Nepal as wielded by the fearsome Ghurka warriors. It has a blade 9" long and an overall length of 14.5".

personal eating knife

The perfect meal-time companion. This blade would have been the constant companion of any medieval (or modern) person. Perfect for light utility and eating, its edge will stay sharp to


This skinning blade will perform your field-dressing chores without complaint. Fine hand-forged steel. Solid Dymondwood grip. A real performer with a gut-hook to make cleaning that kill a zip.

striker knife

The Striker Knife is one of man's first attempts at a multi-tool. Not only can you use it to slice patch material for your muzzle-loading black powder firearm, but you

trade knife

The ideal knife for the historical reenactor. Hand-forged high carbon steel; classic design; superb performance. What more would you ask? Made with a modified flat grind for superior edge-durability as

mini predator

The Mini-Predator is a little bugger with BIG attitude. Hand forged from a single piece of ATS-34 stainless steel its small size belies its ability to tackle big chores. Designed

leaf throwing knife

Well-balanced and deadly accurate in skilled hands, this thrower has a bit of style. Hand forged from a single piece of 5160 spring steel this thrower has a decorative twist


The Thistle is a custom piece based upon the Medieval Daily Knife. It has been customized with engraving of thistles and ivy on the bolster and buttcap. The name "Thistle"

the hawk

Our Hawk knife is a predator pure and simple. D-2 tool steel, brass, black walnut, 1/4 inch thick construction, a fine edge and a deadly point. Ready at a moments

tactical balisong

Alright, normally I'm not too gung-ho about using the word "tactical" because it is passed around like a dirty rumor, but this knife just needs to have it. I've never

patch knife

The patch knife is hand forged of 1095 high carbon steel and holds a keen edge. Designed to reflect typical small utility knives used to cut "patch" material for muzzle

the frontier companion

Okay, so the grizzly bear is chewing on your leg. Do you lose your cool and scream like a sissy? Nope. You calmly look the bear in the eye, tell

the mountain man

Okay think of what the typical mountain man looks like. Strong, weathered, determined, grouchy, stinking like sweat and bear-grease, sporting a massive unruly beard, dressed in dirty buckskins and carrying

the longhunter

This is our longhunter knife. It is modeled after numerous historical examples of the types of knives carried by early American settlers and frontiersmen. The long hand forged single-edged blade

the antler sax

This handy handmade knife is modeled after a variety of knives called sax or seax. The edge is along the straighter side of the hand forged blade and it has

peasant knife

This knife is based on several examples of typical medieval personal knives for utility and eating. The hand forged blade has a distal taper and comes to a fine point.

not so swedish medieval chef knife

This knife is not the kind of thing the ol' Swedish Chef would have been swinging around. It's not a large knife, but this hand forged sweetie is honed to

sgian dubh

Hey now, don't take that the wrong way! This little knife has a very fine needle-like point. The hand forged blade is typical of the Scottish sgian dubh. The sgian

frontier butcher knife

The shape of this blade is typical of butchering kives. This is a beefed up version more akin to our trade knife (elsewhere). Hand forged steel, a flat bevel and


No you silly, it's smatchet. A smatchet is a big mother of a knife. Originally designed by William Faibairn of the British military for American and British commandos in World

little seax

I know what you were thinkin'! Get your mind out of the gutter! This is just about the handiest little cutter you can have for light cutting tasks such as food

viking seax

This isn't your standard slob's seax. This beauty was built to not only perform well but also look great while doing so. Designed and built by a true Scandahoovian with

Handmade Knives

The knife is one of humankind's oldest of tools. Made in a dizzying variety of materials and styles, knives can arguably claim to be the most varied tool and weapon in existence. It is also the most enduring. From the earliest sharpened stones, bones, and woods to the most high-tech titanium or super-alloy steel blades and designs no other item created by man has lasted so long.

In its most basic form a knife consists of a blade and handle. Knives are generally thought to have a single edge and possibly a partial secondary edge. Double edges are usually considered to be daggers, though not always. Lengths vary from less than an inch up to about twenty inches. Any longer of a blade seems to fall into the short sword classification.

Knives for Sale

Kitchen knives, skinning knives, hunting knives, camp knives, tactical knives, balisongs, combat knives, fillet knives, utility knives, bird and trout knives, emergency knives, pocket knives, folding knives, lockblades, and the list goes on and on. Knives have been the silent and often overlooked companions of explorers, scientists, pioneers, heros, and housewives. Chances are that the overwhelming majority of people use some incarnation of the knife on a daily basis.

Do you cook? Do you open your mail? Do you use your little folder to cut out coupons at the grocery store or how about that one present with ribbon wrapped so tight and strong that no amount of pulling or peeling can dislodge? Out comes your trusty little pocket knife or scissors and zip...done.

Knives are used to peel fruit, tighten screws, carve wooden animals and they break when used as a pry-bar. Okay, most do because they aren't designed for that.

At Forged In Time, our hand forged handmade knives are of the highest quality materials and construction. They are designed for real world use. They are durable, attractive, and very sharp. Every blade is handmade with careful attention to detail and overall purpose. From the forging technique to the heat-treating, the polishing, the design, the hilt materials and construction, and of course the blade steel itself.

I have spent years studying the elemental table, metallurgy, and the effect of heat and forging on the alloy content of steel. This gives me an understanding of the specific working properties of the steel itself and how to manipulate those to get the best performance possible.

Hand Forged Knives

Each design is carefully considered before a prototype is made, then that prototype is tested thoroughly. If the prototype passes the testing then a working model is made and the model is then available for sale. If changes need to be made to the deisgn or materials then it is done. Nothing is offered to you the customer until it has been rigorously tested. That's why you can order a custom-grade hand forged handmade knife from Forged In Time with complete confidence that you will get the best possible product at the most reasonable knife backed by our lifetime warranty.