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swiss war axe

Today we have a special running on medieval can-openers. Guaranteed to get attention, devastating on tuna cans, and sure to help you vent your frustrations. Though it may be

throwing axe

Our throwing axe heads are hand forged from 1020 mild steel with a 1065 high carbon steel insert. They are designed to fit standard "tomahawk" tapered handles. One handle is


Okay, so you are walking down some seedy alleyway, because that's what regular nice people do, and a bunch of ne'r-do-wells jump out and demand your wallet AND your

bearded axe

So you pull your longship onto the shore and jump out ready to do a little window-chopping, er...uh shopping and maybe make a purchase or two. So the locals

big daddy bearded axe

Okay, so you're facing a hoard of enemies and the regular bearded axe is just a little bit too short. Who is there to help you? Big Daddy! This guy

little ugly axe

Here are a few examples of the Little Ugly Axe. Each one is different. I have fun doing these because I can just kinda let the design flow and

Handmade Axes

Forged in Time's custom, hand forged axes are ready for action!