Well Balanced Leaf Throwing Knife

January 10th, 2009 by Forged in Time
Leaf Thrower

These blades are heat-treated and balanced for a gracefull spin..

Hey folks here’s a fun one for you. This throwing knife is made from one piece of 5160 spring steel. It is not recycled leaf-springs but new stock. I’ve made probably almost 200 of these over the years and they are consistently one of my best sellers.

Heat-Treated for Sticking and Balanced for Throwing

The blade is heat-treated differentially as always but naturally it is a tad softer overall to take the throwing use it is designed for. Overall length is just under 11 inches and it weighs 4 ounces. It does have a narrow enough bevel that it does have the ability to serve as a utility knife if necessary.

The leaf provides enough of a balance so that it generates a graceful swift spin when thrown. The bonus is that the leaf will many times stick in the target if your distance is a little off. I sell these for $20.00 and they do not include any sheaths, though I could make one on request for an extra fee.

Lifetime warranty as usual and I’ve only ever had one come back for warranty work. It was one of my earliest knives and the neck below the blade was a little hard so it cracked, but did not break. I sent a brand-new one to the customer and all has been well since! I give these a wire-brushed finish which looks nice and weathers time well too. 5160 is not a stainless steel so you will need to provide a little tlc to keep it rust free but that’s no biggy.

A Great gift for young or old enthusiasts of thrown sharp things.

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2 Responses to “Well Balanced Leaf Throwing Knife”

  1. avatar Lothar says:

    These throwing knives are excellent! I bought one from you at a medieval fair in MN. two years ago, and it’s still flawless after tons of use! I’ve never found one weighted so perfectly!

  2. avatar Mizerman says:

    I really love the classic style of this throwing knife. It looks sturdy and well made. I love the fact that you offer a lifetime warranty on your products. Also I think 11 inches of steel is a nice size for a throwing knife. Nice job!!

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