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Anvil Forged Handmade Knives for Sale, Handmade Swords and More! Daggers, Axes, Reeactor Gear.

swords and more, handmade knives for sale, daggers, medieval knives, medieval swords, handmade knives, knives for saleelcome to Forged in Time MN, where every blade is hand forged. That means we heat the steel in a coal forge to an average temperature of 1900° Fahrenheit and shape our knives, daggers, swords and more, by striking them with a hammer against an anvil. This method does two things: it increases the toughness (shock absorbency) and refines the grain structure.

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By actually hammering the steel of a knife or a sword, the grain structure of the steel is fractured and compacted, forming smaller carbides that improve the edge-holding ability of the blade.

handmade swords, handmade knives, knives for sale, handmade daggers, medieval knives, medieval swords, handmade knives mn

Handmade Knives, Handmade Swords and More - a Cut Above..

swords and more, handmade knives, knives for sale, handmade daggers, medieval knives, medieval swords, handmade knives mnhe main difference in our handmade knives daggers, handmade swords and more, is the method used to shape them. Many a bladesmith uses what is called the stock removal method, a term for simply grinding or machinging out a blade. While this can produce a perfectly serviceable blade, in our opinion this is not bladesmithing by the traditional standard.

These knives and swords are made by taking a bar of steel and simply grinding away material until the bladesmith has the desired shape and dimensions. While this method certainly takes great skill, the knives will not have the toughness and edge-holding ability of hand forged knives. Hand forging refines the grain structure and allows the grain structure to follow the dimensions and profile of the blade. This increases the toughness of the blade and the efficiency with which it handles the various stresses it is subjected to.

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Our bladesmith uses a special form of hard-soft heat-treating that provides for handmade knives and handmade swords that are harder along the edge but softer at the back of the blade. This, when combined with hand-forging of the knife, sword, or dagger, not only imparts better edge-holding but also toughness. The harder edge retains its cutting ability for longer and the soft back withstands shock better. All of this adds up to better handmade blades for swords and more.

With this form of heat-treating we're taking advantage of the carbon (and other alloying elements) content of the steel. Steel is made of basically two elements: iron (ferrite) and carbon. A little carbon goes a long way. The 1095 steel that we use in our handmade knives contains only 0.95% carbon.

This small amount of carbon spreads throughout the iron and imparts the ability to be hardened and resist wear. A piece of plain iron can be made into a knife, but without sufficient carbon and proper heat-treating it will not hold an edge and will bend and stay bent.

High Quality Blades - Handmade Knives for Sale, Handmade Swords, and Medieval Daggers!

handmade swords, handmade knives, knives for sale, handmade daggers, medieval knives, medieval swordst Forged in Time, our bladesmith hand forges handmade swords, medieval daggers, and handmade knives for the discerning collector, historical reenactor, or modern-day blade enthusiast. It's a continuing tradition of quality that we have perserved in every blade.

Knives, axes, blades, handmade swords and more, whether historical reproductions, or as fantasy pieces based on solid historical designs and functional principles are his specialty. Every handmade knife, sword, axe, and dagger he makes is designed and constructed to be actually used.

All custom knives, daggers, swords, axes, and other weapons are forged with a passion for the craft of blade smithing, steel and history. Those interested in having custom knives, swords, daggers, or other weapons and tools hand forged to unique specifications should feel free to contact the bladesmith with their queries.

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